CompostBoost ™ History
CompostBoost™ is a blend of plant extracts and other organic substances designed to promote rapid bacteria growth in all types of composting vessels, units and containers.

CompostBoost™ is added directly to solid waste matter and accelerates the rate of native bacteria growth.

The unique process for production of CompostBoost™ extracts polysaccharides, enzymes, vitamins, hormones, polyuronic acids and humic acids all of which contribute to the rapid growth and sustaining life of bacteria that effectively assists in the acceleration of the breakdown of organic matter in the composting process.

CompostBoost™ Aids in the Compositing Process of:

• Food solids
• Paper products and paper waste
• Plant, shrub and most lawn and garden debris
• Human waste bio-solids
• Animal waste bio-solids

CompostBoost™ Aids in the Compositing Process by:

• Accelerating bacteria population growth
• Maintaining higher composting temperatures
• Lessening the time required to compost in most in vessel and home composting tumblers
• Creating a more organic and nutrient rich compost product

CompostBoost™ Effectiveness

Depending on the pH level, the water to solids balance and the C:N ratio, CompostBoost™ can be used in virtually all industrial and home and garden composting systems. Composting time will be shortened and the final composted product will be richer in organic nutrients and matter due to the unique humic content contained in CompostBoost™.

CompostBoost™ Application

The application volume of CompostBoost™ is determined by the volume of waste being treated.

1. Spray the blended mixtures of CompostBoost™ directly and evenly onto the waste matter being composted.

2.CompostBoost™ should be diluted with non chlorinated water at a rate of one (1) part product to one (1) part non-chlorinated water.

3. The quantity of CompostBoost™ mixed with one (1) equal part of non-chlorinated water depends on the composition of the waste matter being treated as well as the method of treatment.

4. Managing the balance of water to waste solids in the composting container is critical.


Available in:

55 Gallons 5 Gallons