What are Humic Substances?

Humic Substances (HS) are the compressed components of humus which has biodegraded over millions of years. HS are the most widely spread natural complexing ligands occurring in nature. HS are highly decomposed organic matter that has fossilized over millions of years.


What are the humic substances used in JDMV’s products?

JDMV produces liquid, humic acid based substances for multiple industry needs and applications.


What are applications for HS?

JDMV has focused on marketing its HS based products for agricultural, industrial and environmental applications. The products manufactured by JDMV are widely used as soil conditioners, foliar enhancers, waste water and odor abatement needs and hydrocarbon and heavy metals remediation.


How long have HS been in use?

HS have been mined, processed and used now for over 60 years. JDMV has been manufacturing and marketing its humic-based products for 6 years.


Is there any major research which supports the efficacy of Humic-based products?

Literally thousands of studies that have been carried out on humic substances. The results and data show highly effective results in plant, crop and turf improvements and yields. Odor abatement and environmental and industrial improvements are also seen when using humic based products.


Does JDMV work with any major US Universities?

Yes. JDMV has currently engaged and is working with North Carolina State University, Penn State University, University of Georgia, Iowa State University and Brigham Young University. Results of projects and studies can be accessed by contacting JDMV.


Where is the source of JDMV’s humate located?

JDMV’s source of raw material is in New Mexico.


Where is the product manufactured?

JDMV manufactures product in Bay City, TX and in Ojinaga, Mexico. We ship our products all over the world from our production facilities. JDMV’s primary product storage facilities are located in Houston, Texas.


What are the primary products JDMV produces from its raw material?

JDMV manufactures humic acid and fulvic acid in a liquid form that is used both as a soil conditioner and a plant conditioner. JDMV also manufactures humic acid based products that are blended with all natural ingredients which are used for environmental and industrial remediation projects.


Are special applicators or equipment required for application?

No. The products made by JDMV are non-corrosive.


Are JDMV’s products all-natural?

Yes. Each and every product produced by JDMV is all natural. Please refer to the MSDS forms on the website under the resources tab.


What color can I expect the products to be?

Our products are range from light brown to dark brown. Product smells are “earthy” in general.


Will handling the products create health risks?

No. The product is not harmful to man, animals or the environment.


How can I buy the product?

Contact your sales rep at JDMV, or fill out the section on the website listed in the “Contact Us” section and an in house representative from JDMV will immediately contact you.


What are the application rates?

Application rates and methods vary. Please consult your account rep for application guideline rates and guidelines.


What is the shelf life of the products?

Most products have multi-year shelf lives. Some settling of product does occur, but when it does, simply vigorously shake carton. For various product related questions please contact your sales representative at your convenience.


In agricultural applications, do HS take the place of fertilizer?

No. HS help reduce the need for fertilizer. In many cases the application rates for fertilizer may decrease from 15%-35%, but the need for fertilizer is not mitigated.